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Solar PV nowcasting

“Solar PV nowcasting” is forecasting solar PV electricity production at high temporal and spatial resolution, but just for a few hours ahead. This is useful for balancing supply and demand on electricity grids, and hence reducing costs and carbon emissions

Climate Dashboard

Wouldn’t it be great to have a live ‘dashboard’ showing the current state of the Earth’s climate system? OCF probably can’t drive this project, but we’d love to support it as much as we can

Solar PV mapping

In the solar PV mapping project, we aim to help map the geographical location of solar PV systems, and to release this data on OpenStreetMap.


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Future projects

Which emissions reduction projects, other than solar PV mapping & nowcasting, should we work on? The emphasis for the time being is on machine learning projects to help the energy system to reduce emissions by at least a millions tonnes of CO2 per year, ideally billions of tonnes! To be honest, Open Climate Fix doesn’t yet have the resources to work on multiple projects in parallel, but it’s useful to discuss future projects.


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